So Who Am I?

My name is Tay. For the majority of my life, I was just like you. I was the shy kid in High school who had no friends. I would walk around the hallways in a droopy almost unconscious state of mind. I would never contribute in class. I hated  it whenever attention was placed on me. I would sometimes have something of value to say, but I could never get myself to say it  because of an underlying tension that would always haunt me. I would come home from school and play video-games. I had no life, and needless to say, I had no girls. I hated myself

I stumbled on the pick-up community and was immediately hooked. I began going out every day to practice the techniques I would read about and watch online. I began to see results, but something didn't feel right

At the time, I was researching the "how to guides" of pick-up. I noticed a very common trend. There were so many techniques, but no concrete way of developing overall CONFIDENCE anywhere. I wanted to get to a point where if I saw a girl I liked, I just WENT FOR IT. 


I began channeling and experimenting with a brand new type of game. A type of game that I very quickly realized worked 10x better than the typical methods everyone else was doing. A type of game that consisted of EXTREME emotion amping with precise comfort building. I made sure to inject a sense of playfulness behind everything I was doing. 

I began pulling girls and making out with them at an alarming rate



This program is for those who want to learn an extremely efficient system for attracting women during the day and the night. This system will be easily replicated by you after the bootcamp is over. I will program it into you and make sure you can execute it whenever you want when you're by yourself. 

What Does This Bootcamp Consist Of?



This bootcamp is 1-on-1 which means that my undivided attention is on you. This means that even though the bootcamp is designed to specifically program the man-mode style of approaching into you, a lot of it will also be catered to you individually, and whatever other sticking points you are currently experiencing. 

These are the sticking points that guys usually have when they come to me and I have been able to get them over each and every one in under 1 hour.


Lol, what the fuck is approach anxiety? Sorry, I don't mean to belittle you, but I just can't believe I used to have this problem. In fact, my students are usually laughing at themselves for ever having this issue. I will get you over this and have you approaching the women of your dreams immediately. I've invented my own Man-Mode style warm-up routine that is designed to make you feel invincible in under 20 minutes and completely obliterate any and all excuses you have in your head. This is a routine that I only share with my bootcamp students and it's absolutly mind-blowing how fast their transition is in going from not being able to say hi to a grandma, to approaching a 9+ and getting physical with her straight-away


Ok, so you may be able to approach a girl, but can you actually hook them on a consistent basis? Many of my students have been able to walk up to the 9+ and open her, but they are having trouble keeping her there. I am going to equip you with the tools required in order to make her want to stay and interact with you. 


The real power of my "Man-Mode" system is in the subtle sub-communications that I will be teaching you. Actually, "teaching" is too light of a word. I will be drilling them into you. These sub-communications are what will let you vibe with the 9's and make them want to see you again. I mean, just scroll back up and check out the text-screenshots I included from women I've approached. When do you ever see women that eager to hang out? These are the kinds of responses that you will be receiving from women you approach when you utilize my system. 


Many guys can get numbers, but how many of them can score consistent instant dates? I want you to get the girl, not get her number. Do you see the difference? Most guys place way too much importance on getting the number. Fuck the number. That's the last resort. I want to get the girl, and I want you to get the girl. This is why I make it my #1 priority to get you actual instant-dates with the girls you approach.


This is what separates the men from the boys. This is what Man-Mode IS. I am going to completely destroy your fear. Teach you seduction, how to do it in a way that is attractive, charming, and turns the women you approach into giggling little school-girls. Ok, that sounds kind of creepy, but you get my gist...This system is absolutely fucking irresistible. This system is what will allow you to take girls on instant dates fast, make out with girls fast, and pull girls home fast. The system is flexible, and I will adjust it to your unique personality. Any man can learn this. I taught it to myself, I have taught to all of my clients, and I can teach it to you too.

Online Mentorship Programs (coaching through Skype & Text)

Do you want to learn how I am able to cultivate an attractive vibe and consistently pull stunners but you are unable to take a live coaching bootcamp program in Los Angeles, California?
I have just the thing for you, I have been running this program underground for years but am now making it live to anyone who wants to see dramatic changes in their dating life.
If you need help with online game, I will fix your bio, fix your pictures and fix your opening messages.If you need in help in real life approaching , we detail how to get over Approach anxiety , how to start a conversation , how to keep a conversation going , inner and outer game concepts to achieve confidence without external factors. A daygame and nightgame pulling structure, so you will always know what to do.
This program covers all of dating; from any cold approach problems you may run into, to any online dating situations you want to master.
There are two version of this program that I am running at the moment, Skype Mentorship and Texting Mentorship. In general, they are both the same, this is a one month program where I will be coaching through curriculum & situations that arise at any time you are going through this journey.
With our texting Mentorship version, I will give you my phone number and you can text me anytime you want with questions if you need help with online game. Skype version will be us having a weekly hourly skype session detailing any, and everything that has to do with taking your dating life into your own hands.
Last but certainly not least , for guys who feel they are already getting matches but the girls are just not the hook up type, I have created a bio that has been used by students all over the world, many different countries with great success, that screens for DTF girls. Guys who don’t feel they actually need Mentorship but have seen my results (screenshot examples to the right) and are interested in that dynamic, love what this has helped them do.

Get Real Results








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